Juicing for Weight Loss with Carrots

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What is carrot juice good for, besides weight loss?

Juicing for Weight Loss with Carrots

Carrot juice, the benchmark vegetable for juicing, is excellent when juicing for weight loss. Since carrot juice is very sweet, celery juice is often added.

Pulp left over in your juicer from making carrot juice can be used to make low fat, low-calorie sauces and salads. Other benefits of juicing carrots include improved eyesight and reduced pain of stomach ulcers. Carrot juice helps defend against cancer.



7/8/2009 10:40:31 AM
jean said:

my husband always tells me that carrots are used to fatten cattle, so by drinking carrot juice, i will get fatter? i love carrot,lemon,apple juice. will i gain weight from drinking 16oz per day of this juice?


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