Benefits of Juicing and Cancer Prevention

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Can cranberry juice help fight cancer?

Benefits of Juicing and Cancer Prevention

Juicing and cancer prevention go hand in hand. The vitamins and anti oxidants you find in fresh juices are a great way to build up your immunities and reduce you risk for diseases like cancer. Cranberry juice and cranberry pulp clean out infections and toxins, especially in the urinary tract, kidneys and liver.

* Extremely tart, fresh cranberry juice has terrific health and nutrition benefits and can be tempered with blander fruit juices such as melon or apple juice.
* Cranberry juice can spice up carrot juice and they juice well with watermelon and pears.



7/31/2008 3:45:38 PM
layla said:

I do not recommend juicing watermelon with these fruits. Consume watermelon alone. If not may upset the stomach.


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