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Besides weight loss, what are the health benefits of cucumber juice?

Juicing for Weight Loss with Cucumbers

Besides being effective when you are juicing for weight loss, cucumber juice is valuable when you're juicing for health. Cucumber juice cleans your kidneys, lowers high blood pressure and improves skin problems.

Add cucumbers to your home juicing machine when you're also making celery and carrot juice. Cucumber juice is excellent for cutting the strong tastes of other vegetable juices.

Why is lettuce juice a good weight-loss tool?

Juicing for Weight Loss with Dark Lettuce

Lettuce juice is good while juicing for weight loss because it moderates the appetite. Among the most nutritious are juices made from low-carb Bibb, buttercrunch and romaine.

Juices made from darker lettuces have fairly strong tastes and are best cut in your home juicer with other juices, especially carrot juice. Lettuce juice also combines well with spinach, sprout and parsnip juices. The darker the lettuce, the more nutritious.

How do I cut calories and still drink fresh juice?

Juicing for Weight Loss at Mealtime

When juicing for weight loss, drink a glass of freshly made vegetable juice with your main meal.

Fill your glass half with juice and half with water. You'll cut down on daily calories and also get needed liquid. In your home juicer, make primarily vegetable juices, since they are lower in sugars (low-carb) and filled with more essential vitamins and minerals than fruit juices.

Why is prune juice a laxative?

Juicing for Weight Loss with Prunes

Like pineapple juice, prune juice can also be used when juicing for weight loss. Remember to pit your prunes before juicing. You don't want to damage your home juicer.

If the prune juice is too thick, dilute with some watermelon juice or water. The benzoic and quinic acids in prunes are responsible for their laxative action.

Should I combine pineapple juice with water?

Juicing for Weight Loss with Pineapples

Fresh pineapple juice is an excellent drink when juicing for weight loss. Pineapple juice combines well with berry and apple juice. Pineapple juice from your own fruit juicer will go a long way if combined with equal amounts of water. Pineapple juice tastes great served over ice.

What is carrot juice good for, besides weight loss?

Juicing for Weight Loss with Carrots

Carrot juice, the benchmark vegetable for juicing, is excellent when juicing for weight loss. Since carrot juice is very sweet, celery juice is often added.

Pulp left over in your juicer from making carrot juice can be used to make low fat, low-calorie sauces and salads. Other benefits of juicing carrots include improved eyesight and reduced pain of stomach ulcers. Carrot juice helps defend against cancer.

What are the benefits of cherry juice?

Benefits of Juicing Cherries

Weight loss and juicing can be a match made in heaven. There are some fruits that work better for this than others.

Consider cherry juice when juicing for weight loss. Cherry juice cut with apple juice or spring water can help achieve weight loss goals.

Cherry juice is also a good source of vitamin C and potassium and it known to ease indigestion and constipation and can be used to treat anemia and gout. Pit cherries before putting them through your fruit and vegetable juicer.

Is beet juice good for weight loss?

Juicing for Weight Loss with Beets

When juicing for weight loss, turn whole beets and beet greens into juice. Beet juice is very strong and more palatable when mixed in your vegetable juicer with celery, lettuce and carrot juice. Beet juice also combines well with cucumber, asparagus, endive and apple juice.

Is kohlrabi juice healthy?

Juicing for Weight Loss with Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi juice is strong but good when juicing for weight loss. Cut kohlrabi with other juices made from low-carb vegetables such as sprouts, greens, beet greens, cucumbers and carrot juice. Kohlrabi juice helps fight skin problems, especially eczema. Juice kohlrabi in your home juicing machine with string beans, tomatoes and radishes—all good vegetables while juicing for weight loss.

Why are Jerusalem artichokes good in a weight-loss program?

Juicing for Weight Loss with Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes are very good when juicing for weight loss because they reduce the craving for sweets. Jerusalem artichoke juice tastes bland, like potato juice, and should be combined in your juicing machine with carrot juice or juice from parsnips and lemons.

* Pulp from Jerusalem artichokes can be used to make potato-like pancakes.

Is juice from low-carb salad greens bitter?

Juicing for Weight Loss with Endive & Escarole

Dark, leafy greens are important when juicing for weight loss and juicing for health. Besides cleaning out your digestive system, low-carb endive, escarole and chicory are best mixed in your juicer with other juices. Thought bitter, endive and escarole juices cleanse the bladder, kidneys and liver. They're good for your eyes and help alleviate skin problems.


How to Do a Juice Fast Properly and Successfully

Juice fasts can help you lose weight and possibly introduce you to a healthier and more nutritious diet. However, it's also easy to make mistakes during the fast that can negate any of these benefits. Therefore, as long as you prepare ahead of time and stay patient, you can have a successful juice fast.

First, you need to prepare. Figure out how long you'll be fasting. You may want to try a few days, or up to a week. As a beginner, don't go overboard. Try to do three days maximum. Next, you'll need a juicer if you don't own one already. You'll also have to pick up vegetables and fruits at the grocery store. Try lemons, lettuce, beets, apples, oranges, ginger, carrots, and celery as a starting point, experimenting with your favorite flavors.

You also need to get your body ready. Before you fast, try to limit your food consumption to only veggies and fruit. Try incorporating more liquids into your daily consumption, although not exclusively yet. Once you start the fast, you may need to drink anywhere between nine to 12 times a day. You shouldn't feel hungry during the day. You also need to make sure that the juices are nutritious so that your body gets the minerals and vitamins that it needs.

In order to lose weight, just drink when you're hungry. The juices that you make already contain a low amount of calories, so don't restrict yourself. Doing so can prove dangerous to your health. Of course, you shouldn't drink juice exclusively. This can only hydrate you to a certain extent. You need to still consume water throughout the fast just as you would if you were eating solid foods.

You can exercise during the fast, but since you're not consuming as many calories as usual, keep your routine lighter than usual. You can work out as often as you usually do. Once the fast has ended, go back to eating veggies and fruits and then slowly reintroduce other foods into your diet again.

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