Vegetable Juicing with Beets

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What are the health benefits of juicing beets?

Vegetable Juicing with Beets

Beets, tossed into your juicer along with beet greens, make a terrific vegetable juice. Beet juice is strong and should be mixed liberally in your vegetable juicer with celery, lettuce and carrot juice.

Beets are important when juicing for health because they build efficiency in your circulatory system and are good for your heart. Beet juice is useful when juicing for weight-loss, too. Only drink small amounts of beet juice a few times a week. Too much beet juice can upset your stomach.



3/19/2009 12:59:51 PM
bev said:

Is beet juicing good for lowering high blood pressure?

10/21/2011 1:47:44 PM
Don said:

It's true that drinking too much (more than 1/2 cup)beet juice can give you terrible nausea.

2/14/2012 9:43:25 AM
kim said:

is it ok to drink it everday?


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