Best Juicing Machines with Low RPM

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What makes a great juicer?

Best Juicing Machines with Low RPM

The best quality juicing machines produce less foam, more taste, more nutrition and more juice. A juicer that operates at very low rpms, such as the L'Equip Pulp Ejector Juicer model 221, makes juice that is virtually free from the foam created by juicers running at high speeds.



5/28/2007 8:11:17 PM
John said:

I use a manual juicer the Zstar it dose not get any slower than that and I still get foam and just becouse its slow your not going to get more juice and if you put the pulp through again you could damage some units.
My experiance with juiceing is you need more than one juicer no such thing as the ultamit juicer even the most expensive juicer will have an Akilies Heal.
If your concerned about getting every last drop of juice from your fruits or vegtables just eat the pulp after you need the fiber anyway.


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