Best Juicing Machines with Computer Controls

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Which juicer is power efficient?

Best Juicing Machines with Computer Controls

If you're choosing among the best quality juicing machines, you want a juicer that operates precisely. A juicer that is power efficient, no matter what vegetable or fruit you juice.

The L'Equip Pulp Ejector Juicer model 221 is computer controlled. This ejector juicer's induction motor constantly monitors cutter blade speed. The L'Equip juicer will automatically supply more or less power as needed.



7/10/2007 6:30:05 AM
Joanne said:

The L'Equip juicer is a nightmare and recommended it to two other individuals. After two months the juicer malfunctioned. I had it replaced and it malfunctioned again. I had it replaced the third time and it seems to be ok, but I guess it's because I don't use it much. As for the other two individuals, after one month, their juicer malfunctioned and is not working at all. I will not recommend this juicer to anyone.


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