5-Veggie Juicing Recipes

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Should I use the skins in my potato juice shake?

5-Veggie Juicing Recipes

There's power in potato juice.

* Start by juicing 4 medium potatoes with skins.
* Save the potato pulp for pancakes.
* Make carrot juice with 4 medium carrots in your juicer (save that pulp, too).
* Juice 1 stalk of broccoli, 6 brussels sprouts and 1 peeled cucumber. This vegetable juicing will yield 4 cups.
* Stir and drink.

Drink these fresh vegetable juices to ease the pain of ulcers and for general cleansing.



11/6/2007 6:20:13 PM
Tommy said:

What a treat coming across this, I thank you; my stomach thanks you. "California Dreamin"

1/3/2009 12:18:12 PM
Paula said:

do not juice potatoes their juice is TOXIC for human consumption i know this because i am a Naturopath


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